Protecting Your Rights in Minnesota and Receiving your Maximum Return

Employment termination, particularly after many years of service, can have significant financial, emotional and psychological consequences. Dennis O'Brien is committed to helping "wrongfully" terminated employees restore their dignity and recoup their financial losses.


"Dennis is the best lawyer I've ever worked with. He is bright, hard working with an underlying gentleness and sensitivity that provides great value. I worked with him when I was in a large institution for 30 years and he never lost a case. He is a remarkable lawyer."
-Dennis Dahlman
Chief H.R. Professional

My top priority is protecting the rights and maximizing the compensation of victims of unlawful discrimination, especially those who have lost their jobs.

We primarily represent senior level executives whose matters involve complex issues such as non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements and change of control agreements. I have the necessary qualifications, experience and determination to address these complicated matters.

Experienced Employment Law

Minnesota employment lawyer Dennis O'Brien delivers strategic advice and intelligent litigation solutions for executives, professionals, employees and businesses faced with today's most pressing workplace issues: overtime pay, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, commission and bonus disputes, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, independent contractor misclassification, and other complex employment litigation.

Sophisticated and experienced labor relations attorney with a great deal of work in the construction industry negotiating contracts for steel workers union as well as labor relations with grocery and warehouse industry.

Dennis O'Brien has been a partner in 3 major law firms:

  • LeFever, Lefler, Kennedy, O'Brien, Drawz
  • Ridder, Bennett
  • Littler, Mendelson

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